Sunday, May 19, 2013

VisionColor Cinelooks mini review

I've been looking for a color profile that doesn't need grading, one that looks good straight out of the camera. I've tried a few of these profiles and none of them gave me what I was after. Most seemed flat with little to no contrast and the colors didn't pop. 
I recently found 
and they offer a few different color profiles. VisionColor and VisionTech both are meant to be graded. Cinelook is a profile that needs no grading and can be used straight out of the camera with nice looking results. Visioncolor and Visiontech come buddled for 6.99 and Cinelook is also 6.99

I recently had a BTS shoot and I decided to use my Canon T3i with Cinelook profile for a quick turn around, since it would be just dropping the files on a timeline with no grading. Since this was a BTS I had no control on how I would've lit the scene and I had to squeeze around to get my shots. I have to say with the minimal lighting that was used on set this color profile did an excellent job with its color rendering. The shots came out looking very good, with nice skin tones and overall cinematic image. Overall I'm very pleased with the CineLooks profile. I finally found a straight out of the camera profile that needs no grading. I look forward to trying all the VisionColor profiles and write reviews on them. 
Here's a few of the frame grabs straight out of the camera and only resized for the anamorphic lens I was using.

Bath Salts BTS

I was asked again to shoot BTS for the web series Bath Salts. Shot on a Canon t3i, 24mm 1.4 and used Visioncolor Cinelooks

Bath Salts BTS footage: 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bath Salts Bts Anamorphic Shoot

This is the 2nd BTS I have done for the Web Series Bath Salts.  I wanted to try something different with this shoot with my lens selection. I decided to shoot the entire BTS with Anamorphic lenses for a few reasons. For starters, I just really love the look. It adds character, so much more character to the footage not found in modern glass. Secondly, who doesn't like the stretched bokeh or flares? :) The last reason, I just wanted more practice using them.   This was shot on a Canon T3i with two different Anamorphic Lenses. The First being the Sankor 16c and the 2nd a B&H made Kowa 16h lens.

link to BTS footage

link to Bath Salts episode 4

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bath Salts BTS footage part 2

Here is the BTS footage from the web series Bath Salts I recently shot.
Shot on Canon DSLRs using a Samyang 24mm, and 35mm 1.4 lenses. No color grading or correction was done to any of the footage.
This was my first time shooting on set as a BTS videographer and not as either main camera or a b-camera. Being new to capturing BTS footage, I missed a few good laughs and funny lines after the scene was finished. I'm so used to cutting when the director calls cut. ;) Overall, I had a lot of fun on set and just wrapped my second BTS shooting for Bath Salts.  Keep an eye out for it. :)

Here is the BTS footage

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bath Salts BTS part 1

I was recently on set of Bath Salts, a web series written and directed by Johnny Johnson of DarkStone Entertainment. While doing the BTSs footage, I got out my GoPro Hero2 and set it up for a timelapse. This will be a 1 of 2 part post.

link to timelapse 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SmallHd dp4 diopter review

The SmallHD dp4 is my go to monitor. When I first got it I noticed using the efv attachment made the image hard to judge focus, the image would look a little blurry. So I've been using the dp4 as a monitor only which is fantastic. Easy to judge what is in focus without using the focus assist.

I recently ordered the dp4 diopter kit, to see if the blurriness would ease up.
The kit which includes 3 different diopters. A +1,+2 and +3. These can also be stacked to give even great effects.
When I got the kit I tried all 3 diopters. All tests were done inside in controlled lighting and outside mid day.  The +1 helped but the image was still blurry. The +3 was too much magnification making the image even more hard to tell what was focus and what wasn't.  
+2 is the diopter I'll be using as it got the image clear and much easier to judge focus especially in bright conditions. 
Using the +2 diopter I'll be using the dp4 as an evf more then ever before. It made the image as clear as just using the dp4 as a monitor. Plus it will give the extra point of contact needed while shooting with a shoulder rig.
You can find the SmallHD diopter kit here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Canon 1dc graded footage

When I saw on Twitter that Planet5d and Philip Bloom were both offering test footage to be downloaded to work with I knew I had to give it a try. A big thanks to both of you. :) I wanted to see how the 1dc footage looked and how well my computer could handle the 4k footage.

When opening the files, you'll notice the screen is covered from end to end with the massive 4k files. Next cause both files were shot in C-log its a very dull looking image with hardly any color. But that's a good thing. More on that later.

I was a little hesitate to press play, fearing my machine wouldn't have real time playback. After all, I'm still in the process of upgrading most of the parts. But, I press play and watched as my little i7 played the 4k footage in real time. :)
Even with all the problems I've had with Vegas 11, I wanted to see how Vegas would handle the 1DC. I know with this call I was just asking myself to throw the keyboard across the room. Haha!  I also have Adobe CS6, and it had no problem with real time play back

Opening Vegas and importing the clips, I knew there would be no Cuda Cores helping with the 4k load. Vegas doesn't support the new GTX cards.  I pressed play and there were a few skipped frames but nothing too bad. Using Looks 2 to grade the footage, I applied just a curves adjust, added contrast and color grading. With the curves adjustment the C-log started to really come to life. The colors were brought from a very dull looking image to a very stunning image.  C-log holds so much detail and is by far the nicest  profile I've graded. Skintones are very natural looking and the rest of the colors can be manipulate to your liking without falling apart. It would be great if C-log was Canon standard profile for everything from Cinema line all the way down to their Dslr's.

I'm really liking the 1DC image and the other choices you'll have with it. In 1080p mode, you have the option of shooting either full frame or s35. After playing with these clips, I'm really starting to look  at the Canon Cinema line of Cameras.  Hopefully I'll be renting one to fully test out myself, unless Canon has a loaner for a few days. ;) Doesn't hurt to dream right?
Links to Philip Bloom or planet5d footage can be found on Twitter or in the links to the
videos below.
Philip Bloom "1DC guy"


Planet5d clip 


test footage Philp Bloom's clips

Planet5d clips